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***Tales from the Odysseey

Book 1:  The One-Eyed Giant

Book 2:  The Land of the Dead

Book 3:  Sirens and Sea Monsters

by Mary Pope Osborne

Reviewed November 24, 2003.
Hyperion Books for Children, New York, 2002-2003.  105 pages each.
Available on for $4.99 each in paperback.
Available at Sembach Library (J 883.01 OSB).

Tales from the Odyssey are simple and clear retellings of the story of The Odyssey by Mary Pope Osborne, the author of The Magic Treehouse series, suitable for kids ready for easy chapter books.  The story’s all there, admittedly with plenty of violence and tragedy.  Mary Pope Osborne acknowledges Odysseus’ longing for home and his sorrow as, one by one, his companions are killed.

Of course this is a classic story, referred to again and again in literature.  I appreciated a chance to read the story in a clear and simple form, to more easily understand what happened when.  This is easy, quick reading and an exciting story.  I think young kids can be proud after reading these books to know these classic legends.

The story of The Odyssey isn’t finished with these three volumes, but these are the three we have at the library so far.

Here’s an exciting story that’s also educational.  Mary Pope Osborne has done a good job of making this story accessible to younger readers.


Copyright © 2003 Sondra Eklund.  All rights reserved.

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