137. A Beautiful Kitchen

I’ve been going too long between posting blessings. I thought I should start posting some little blessings, nice things that I start taking for granted, but that I enjoy every day.

The first is that I have a truly lovely kitchen. Granite countertops and a sleek black stovetop, and right now I’ve got it all to myself. A beautiful kitchen warms this woman’s heart.

116. The Feeling After a Good Decision

I made some decisions today.  I’m an INFJ.  I love making decisions!

One of them was to continue my sabbatical from online dating for awhile longer, or perhaps forever — until I can jump in whole-heartedly and enthusiastically.  I’m just not interested in giving it my time and energy right now.

And, once I made the decision, I feel happy about it.

The same is true of the other decisions I made today, including one to apply to be a Cybils Award judge again this year.

And that’s just a nice feeling.  To know in your heart that a decision was right for you.

112. Cleaning House

It’s kind of funny to list this.  I’ve never liked cleaning up after other people, and resentment about cleaning was a source of conflict in my marriage.

But today, playing my music, I caught myself truly enjoying cleaning my house (or part of it — no rush) and knowing it’s going to stay clean longer when I’m the only one here.

And it’s fun to clean while singing, and it’s lovely to have a clean house, and how nice to have a lovely, cozy home of my own.

I am blessed.