63. Swans A-Swimming

Yesterday, the sun was finally out after a couple weeks of clouds!  I was so excited, I decided to bring my camera on my walk, even though the foliage is pretty brown about now and I didn’t expect to take many pictures.

Then, for the first time ever on my lake, I saw two swans!


As I was posting the pictures later, I was tickled to realize that it was actually the seventh day of Christmas!


The only question — why only two, not seven?


Though, you know, when I first moved here and started posting pictures of the great blue heron, my friend told me that a heron is symbolic of Self-Reliance and Self-Determination and navigating the obstacles of life.  It seemed good for owning my own home after divorce.


What do I know about swans?  They’re beautiful and they mate for life.  This was also a pair, in it together.

I like the thought of taking them as a symbol for my new year.


And they flew away — I wonder if I’ll ever see them again.

But how blessed I was to come for a walk with my camera right at the time they happened by!