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*****Rainy Morning

by Daniel Pinkwater

illustrated by Jill Pinkwater

Reviewed November 21, 2001.
Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 1998.  32 pages.

We don’t have this one at the library, but if you have a 5-8 year old, it is well worth purchasing.  I find this book absolutely delightful.

Mr. and Mrs. Submarine are sitting happily in their bright kitchen after breakfast on a rainy morning.  They see the poor cat outside, let him in and feed him a corn muffin.  Things start calmly, as they do the same for their dog.  When they matter-of-factly invite in the horse, we begin to wonder.

Things progress.  In come crows and a wild coyote, all fed corn muffins by Mrs. Submarine.  The wildebeest who walks in next prepares us for the outrageous sight of Ludwig van Beethoven, who comes in and thanks the Submarines for the corn muffin in German.  The bits of German spoken plus the military band and the small European circus who show up next made us feel that this book was written just for us!

Through it all, the calm Submarines provide a bright and cheerful welcome.  “I’m glad we bought four hundred and fifty pounds of muffin mix,” says Mrs. Submarine when she sees the United States Marine Band.  This book will cheer any rainy morning.

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