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Memoirs of a Camel

by Kathleen Karr

Reviewed June 23, 2004.
Marshall Cavendish, New York, 2004.  238 pages.

This is the first book I’ve ever read told from the point of view of a camel.  Ali was taken from his home in Egypt and brought to America to be part of the new Camel Corps the army was developing to use in the southwestern deserts.

Ali describes his instruction from his mother and his journey across the ocean.  Then he describes learning about a new land and the challenges that face him there, including ignorant man-beasts who overload the camels.  He follows his mothers advice and works, but never surrenders.

Eventually the Camel Corps was disbanded at the start of the Civil War.  Will Ali be able to find freedom for himself and the beautiful Fatinah?

This book is a creative and fun story that will make you feel you understand the mind of a camel.

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