What's New?

May 8, 2023

If you enjoy Eurogames at all, Everybody Wins: Four Decades of the Greatest Board Games Ever Made, by James Wallis, is the book for you! It looks at the winners for 44 years of the Spiel des Jahres and talks about the development of amazing games over that time.

I've got a new Substack, Sondermusings! I'm going to use it to gather my Christian writings - reviews, quotations, psalms, and other musings - into one place. Check it out to see if you want to subscribe!

Happy Reading!

—Sondra Eklund

Everybody Wins
by James Wallis

A Rhythm of Prayer
edited by Sarah Bessey

The Penguin of Ilha Grande
by Shannon Earle
illustrated by Renato Alarcão

Sisters in Science
by Linda Elovitz Marshall
illustrated by Anna and Elena Balbusso