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***The Bremen Town Musicians

And Other Animal Tales from Grimm

retold by Doris Orgel

illustrated by Bert Kitchen

Reviewed May 12, 2005.
A Neal Porter Book, Roaring Brook Press, Brookfield, Connecticut, 2004.  48 pages.
Available at Sembach Library (J 398.209 ORG).

Here’s a selection of six animal tales from the Brothers Grimm collection.  Doris Orgel heard the stories in German as a child, and lovingly retells them here to share with English-speaking children.  I think that every American living in Germany should make themselves familiar with these tales. 

My own sister was living in Bremen for awhile, so I have a special fondness for the title story.  I got my son a black t-shirt with four pairs of eyes on top of one another that says they are the Bremen Town Musicians in the dark.  I was appalled when a friend didn’t know what that referred to.

Doris Orgel faithfully presents that story as well as some less well-known ones for children to enjoy, keeping the flavor of the original stories.  I do own a complete collection of the tales, so I know they are out there, but this picture book format is much nicer for sharing with a child.

Copyright © 2005 Sondra Eklund.  All rights reserved.

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