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***Mightier Than the Sword

World Folktales for Strong Boys

collected and told by Jane Yolen

with illustrations by Raul Colón

Reviewed October 20, 2003.
Silver Whistle (Harcourt), Orlando, 2003.

This book provides a collection of stories from all over the world where the heroes solve their problems through cleverness, not through violence.  The tales come from America, Europe, Asia and Africa.  Some are familiar, but different forms of old classics.  All are intended to show that, even from ancient times, heroes have been different from the smash ‘em up daredevils we see on TV.

The stories are told well, too, and beg to be read out loud.  These would make excellent family bedtime stories.  It was written as a companion to Not One Damsel in Distress: World Folktales for Strong Girls, so all the heroes are boys.  However, girls will enjoy the stories, too, and, as Jane Yolen’s sons and grandsons point out in an open letter at the back of the book, “While we know boys using brainpower instead of firepower can be heroes, girls need to know it as well.”

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