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*****= An all-time favorite
****  = Outstanding
***    = Above average
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****For the Love of Ireland

A Literary Companion for Readers and Travelers

edited by Susan Cahill

Reviewed August 2001.
A Sonderbooks' Best Book of 2001
Ballantine Books, 2001.
Available at Sembach Library.

If you are at all interested in Ireland, my entire trip was enriched by this book.  It is divided by regions of Ireland.  She takes excerpts from Irish literature written about or set in certain places in Ireland.  Then she tells the reader where to find the places mentioned.

Of course, coupled with actually visiting many of the areas mentioned, I felt I got a deeper feeling for Ireland than I could have any other way.  It was fun to look for some of the authors in the bookstores.  I especially liked the pieces by some of the women such as Dervla Murphy and Mary Lavin.  Even if you don’t get the privilege of visiting Ireland, it’s a lovely taste of Irish writing, and has a wide variety of authors and styles.

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