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****The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution

The Slow-motion Exercise That Will Change Your Body

in 30 Minutes a Week

by Frederick Hahn, Michael R. Eades, M. D., and Mary Dan Eades, M. D.

Reviewed February 1, 2003.
Broadway Books, New York, 2003.  179 pages.

I do not like to exercise.  So far, I’ve never been consistent with an exercise routine.  I might be faithful for a few weeks, or even a month, but that’s as long as I’ve ever gone.  I simply don’t seem to be willing to give it the time.  30 minutes a week, though?  That, I think I can do.  (Well, once I’m over this flu, anyway.)

The amazing part is that the authors claim that doing their slow burn exercises for 30 minutes per week is actually better for you than aerobic exercise five times per week!  They spend half of the book justifying that claim and presenting evidence on its behalf.  I was very ready to be convinced, I admit, but I thought that they support their claim well.

(I did appreciate it that they don’t make grandiose claims.  Pain Free, a book I reviewed earlier, claimed that its exercises could solve all your body’s problems.  I did perform the “Headache relief” exercises consistently for a couple of months with little effect.  Then I quit that and cut out caffeine and my headaches got dramatically better.  Sorry, folks, but migraines are primarily chemical not mechanical.  I’m sure exercise isn’t bad for them, but exercise is not going to solve the problem, at least not in my experience.)

The authors do claim that their exercises will make you stronger and more fit.  And they take much less of a time commitment than any other exercise program I’ve ever read about.  They present a program that you can carry out either at home or in a gym.  I intend to give it a try, and I’m hoping that I’ll even stick with it.  If their claims are true, this book is worth looking at for anyone interested in staying in shape.

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