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Dodsworth in Rome

by Tim Egan

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Dodsworth in Rome

by Tim Egan

Review posted May 2, 2012.
Houghton Mifflin Books for Children, Boston, 2011. 48 pages.

Move over Madeline! If you're going to take your kids to Paris, New York, London, or now Rome, you need to get these books about Dodsworth and his duck visiting those cities.

The first Tim Egan book I read was Serious Farm, and that was enough to make me love his work. The Dodsworth books are short chapter books (four in this one) with large pictures on each page, showing major landmarks, and a hilarious deadpan storyline.

In Rome, they ride a scooter, see (or don't see) the sights, evade pickpockets, and participate in a pizza-throwing contest. Dodsworth stops the duck just in time from adding a duck to the Sistine Chapel.

I really wish I had these books when I lived in Europe. It would add some fun to take my kids to the same places Dodsworth saw, making sure they behaved better than the duck.

This is simply a fun story -- a perfect choice for a child ready for chapters, sure to help them enjoy reading.