Sonderbooks Book Review of

Money Out Loud

All the Financial Stuff No One Taught Us

by Berna Anat

Money Out Loud

All the Financial Stuff No One Taught Us

by Berna Anat

Review posted March 1, 2024.
Quill Tree Books, 2023. 258 pages.
Review written January 13, 2024, from a book sent to me by the publisher.
Starred Review
2024 Mathical Book Prize Honor Book, 9th-12th grades

What a valuable and practical book this is! I wish I'd read something like this as a young adult.

It's a book about managing money. She covers so much, from budgeting to bank accounts to investing to donating ethically.

She talks to the reader like a cool big sister. It works for me and I hope would work for teens. For something about money, there aren't many numbers here, but she explains compound interest and the difference between different kinds of accounts in ways that are easy to understand and will stick in your head.

This book is for young adults, but old adults like me can learn from it, too. But like compound interest, I suspect that learning about managing money when you're younger will yield many more benefits.

Some things I like: She talks a lot about the emotional side of money and encourages you to actually think about it and talk about it (hence the title). I'm planning to adapt one idea right away -- besides my spreadsheets keeping track of my finances, I will start a money journal talking about my feelings about what's going on with my money. I like how she encourages you to save by describing savings as "Freedom." And she encourages you to envision Future You when you think about retirement savings.

So she's got lots of tips and strategies, but especially encouragement to be good to yourself and your future self.

I was sent this book to consider for the Morris Award (young adult debut book), and it wasn't really what we were looking for, but it exactly filled the bill for a Mathical Book Prize Honor Book, so I was excited to revisit it.

Here's how the author introduces herself:

So, question: Have you ever heard of a Financial Hype Woman? Probably not, because I friggin' made it up.

I'm Berna -- I'm a financial educator, but more than that, I am a Financial Hype Woman. The whole point of a Hype Woman is to scream encouragement while you, the star, are doing your thing onstage.

So that's what I do, but money. You follow?

A Financial Hype Woman's job -- which, again, I totally made up -- is to remind you of your financial power. To keep your energy up so that you can stay center stage in your money life. To turn up the volume when you feel a little voiceless. A Hype Woman is also part of your support team -- like, metaphorically, I'd help clean up when fans throw their bra at you, y'know? I got you.

Get this Financial Hype Woman on your side! There's lots to learn here, and it's all taught in a non-threatening, encouraging way.