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November 19, 2017

I couldn't resist this title: The Skydiving Beavers: A True Tale, by Susan Wood, illustrated by Gÿsbert van Frankenhuyzen, tells about an actual historical event when some beavers got relocated using leftover parachutes from World War II.

Happy Reading!

—Sondra Eklund

The Skydiving Beavers
by Susan Wood
illustrated by Gÿsbert van Frankenhuyzen

Her Right Foot
by Dave Eggers
art by Shawn Harris

The Woman Who Walked in Sunshine
by Alexander McCall Smith
read by Lisette Lecat

Earthly Remains
by Donna Leon

Beyond the Bright Sea
by Lauren Wolk
read by Jorjeana Marie

Me and Marvin Gardens
by Amy Sarig King

Turtles All the Way Down
by John Green

Strange the Dreamer
by Laini Taylor
read by Steve West

Full of Fall
by April Pulley Sayre

Hello Goodbye Dog
by Maria Gianferrari
pictures by Patrice Barton

“To give those librarians, who make it their life work to serve children's reading interests, an opportunity to encourage good writing in this field.”

—Frederic Melcher, in his agreement to establish the Newbery Medal, 1922