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A 2020 Coretta Scott King Illustrator Honor book, Infinite Hope: A Black Artist’s Journey from World War II to Peace, by Ashley Bryan, is the visually stunning story of Ashley Bryan's service in World War II, complete with sketches he drew at the time.

Happy Reading!

—Sondra Eklund

The Orphaned Adult
by Alexander Levy

That All Shall Be Saved
by David Bentley Hart

Infinite Hope
by Ashley Bryan

Can You Hear the Trees Talking?
by Miranda Paul
illustrated by Jason Chin

The Toll
by Neal Shusterman

Butterfly Yellow
by Thanhhà Lai

“To give those librarians, who make it their life work to serve children's reading interests, an opportunity to encourage good writing in this field.”

—Frederic Melcher, in his agreement to establish the Newbery Medal, 1922