213. Credit Cards Paid Off!

Yesterday, I paid off all my credit cards.

This feels miraculous. For years, I’d prayed daily that it would happen, but I thought I was praying for something in the far distant future.

But I checked out a home equity loan recently – and qualified for just enough to pay off all those cards and end up in a better budget. Yes, I still have debt, but now it’s all secured debt.

And that feels so good!

212. Wonderful Books

I finished a very good book last night at Silent Book Club, and then I started a new one when I got home. And I was several chapters in, when I realized that I LOVE this book and I LOVE the main character.

Now, it’s true that by the time I finish I may not love it as much. (The author could still blow it.)
And I may read many more books this year that I love this much. (Wouldn’t that be great!)
And it’s possible that the others on the committee won’t love this particular book as much as I do.

But I think it’s safe to say that I’m going to get to help give an award and honors and huge recognition to some books I LOVE this year.

Last night I had this moment of thinking I wished I could tell the whole world about this wonderful book and this amazing and wonderful character.

And then I realized: I GET TO DO THAT!!! I REALLY DO!!!