88. Dominion with my Son

Lately, I’ve been busy, and my son and I haven’t played too many games together.

Then, on Easter, we taught my friend’s family how to play Dominion.

And today Dominion Adventures arrived!

It’s an expansion set (We have all 9 other sets.), and Tim ordered it for me as an early birthday present.  He’s hoping to get a job before my birthday and move out, and wants to have plenty of time to play it with me.

And it’s awesome!

And it was tremendously fun to set my to-do list aside and play a couple games with my son.

87. Easter with Family-away-from-family

I love Easter.  And I do believe that Jesus’ resurrection means we should listen to His words.

After a lovely Easter service at church, my son and I went to my friend’s house.

I have known this friend, Darlene, since 3rd grade.  And when I moved to Virginia almost 10 years ago now, I and my two kids, then 12 and 18, lived in Darlene’s basement for six weeks.  Darlene’s kids were 2 and 4.

Darlene has invited us over many times in the years that followed.  Today my youngest son, who is now 21 and a college graduate, and I went over for Easter dinner.  Darlene’s kids are almost-12 and just-turned-14.  Her oldest is considerably taller than me now.

And having dinner with them felt like being with family.  Darlene’s husband Matt talked with my son about the challenges of finding a job.  I think it was helpful for my son, but was done in a friendly way and not at all a patronizing way.

And we did lots of eating and lots of talking and taught one of our favorite games to them and just had a lovely time.

There’s something extra special about knowing people — the whole family — over time.

My “real” family is on the west coast.  But I still have family here.

And that’s a blessing.

86. Blooming Blossoms


I grew up in L. A.  Though I did have a wonderful purple jacaranda tree out my window, I still think of trees blossoming all over the place as a miracle.

Today I got to lose myself in enjoying that miracle.


Just some picture taking by my lake.


And the birds were chirping madly.


And a breeze was blowing.


And I was able to just enjoy the beauty.


And it was good for my soul.






84. Ground Breaking!

My church is building a building!  We’ve been planning this for years — have had the property for years — but one thing and another happened, and we weren’t able to build — until now!

Today we held the ground breaking ceremony, and construction is going to start soon.  It’s very exciting to see what God is going to do!

83. Games!

Friday nights, I usually go to a group that plays Eurogames.  So much fun!

Last night I only played two — an old favorite, Dominion, and a new really interesting game called Evolution.  But week after week, I get to play a wide variety of games with people who are really good at it and enjoy it as much as I do.

After my youngest went off to college, it dawned on me that I’d always counted on family to have people to play games with.  And suddenly, there was no one at all in my home but me!

After some persuading, my co-worker got me going to a Saturday afternoon group, and eventually I was invited to the Friday night group.  I now have another group that often plays Dominion on Sundays, and usually play a game with that same co-worker during our dinner break on Thursdays — so I have lots of opportunities to play games in my life.

And normally, when I drive home at night after gaming, I can’t help but think how happy that makes me.  I don’t know what it is about me that so much likes playing games, but I definitely do.  And I get to have that in my life!  I am blessed.

82. Seussathon!

Today’s Dr. Seuss’s Birthday!  I’m proud of our annual Seussathon at the City of Fairfax Regional Library.  And I just love carrying it out!

The idea was mine — spend the whole day reading Dr. Seuss books in the children’s area — and ask customers and staff members to sign up to do so.

Then my co-worker added to the idea by putting on Seussian activities in the meeting room in the afternoon — including Hopping on “Pop” — bubble wrap — and playing with Oobleck (cornstarch solution) and making Daisyhead Maisie headbands and things like that.  She also ordered Seuss bookmarks and temporary tattoos and bags, as well as Cat in the Hat hats for readers and Thing One and Thing Two headbands for kids.

One of the fun things is how great the readers are!  We had kids participating, staff members and patrons — all of whom were wonderful readers.

I personally took a turn when I noticed we didn’t have anyone available.  Let’s see, today I read <em>Fox in Socks</em>, <em>The Sneetches and Other Stories</em>, <em>Horton Hatches the Egg</em>, <em>The Foot Book</em>, <em>The Butter Battle Book</em>, <em>One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish</em>, <em>Green Eggs and Ham</em>, and <em>The Cat in the Hat</em>.  (And I didn’t think I’d been out there very much!)

Oh, and some of the children I got to read to were completely adorable!  They weren’t necessarily the usual story time crowd.  And unfailingly a joy to read to.

And don’t tell, but before the library opened, I sang a few songs from <em>The Cat in the Hat Songbook</em>.

It’s the sort of day that, looking back, definitely makes me smile.

I do have the best job.