43. My Friendly Neighborhood Great Blue Heron



This morning I was having my quiet time and wondering a little bit if I’m in the right place.  I’d been looking at photos from my time in Germany last night, and remembering what a boost I’d get from visiting castles.  Maybe I should try to go back?  But when I was there before, I had a husband and two sons to do the castling with.  People really make all the difference.

And here I have a super meaningful job and wonderful connections with people at church.  And I was thinking about lots of good things in my life right now, while staring out the window down at my lake — when the great blue heron walked right through my view.

He quickly went behind grasses, so I couldn’t get a picture of him from my house, but you can be sure I brought my camera when I went for my walk later.  And yes, I got my heron fix!

I laugh about the idea of a heron fix, but I have to admit that regularly seeing my friendly neighborhood great blue heron never fails to remind me that I have a beautiful life, here and now.

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