71. A Snow-cation


I’ve gotten 2 and 3/4 days off because of our blizzard.  Plus the two days of the weekend.

I had hoped to do a Blizzard Blog Blitz and get a lot of reviews posted while I had the time off.  As it was, I did get some house-cleaning done.  But yesterday, going for a walk in the snow so wiped me out, I ended up napping and the day was eaten up.

So my choice today:  Go for another walk in the snow, or stay inside and get things done?

But I got to thinking:  I couldn’t pay enough to get a vacation where I’d get to have long walks in deep snow each day, followed by a nap and reading by a fire.  On top of that, add in no need to drive!  And games with my son.

I knew I’d have to go back to work soon enough.  (Tomorrow, as it happens.)  I chose to seize the opportunity to go out and walk in just about the deepest snow I’ve ever experienced.  (In 2010, it was probably deeper, but I didn’t have such a nice place to walk — and I also didn’t have a garage, so spent all my energy digging my car out.)

And, Wow!  How blessed I was to have that experience!  I will remember this morning forever.  Just a treat.



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