118. My Dentist

Yesterday, there was a cracking sensation when I chewed my lunch.  Today my dentist got me in to see her tomorrow.  (It’s not hurting, but I think something’s going on.)

At work after I made the appointment, several of us got to talking about Awful Dentists Who Only Want to Make a Buck.  For awhile I went to one because I thought I needed an “in program” dentist.  Well, being in program meant they weren’t supposed to charge me if the insurance wouldn’t cover it — but they got an awful lot of money from me before I figured that out.  Silly me, thinking if the dentist said something needed to be done, it needed to be done!

But then I went back to Wanda Garrett, a wonderful dentist in Herndon.  She’s gentle.  She listens.  And she thinks about what will be good for me.  Some work that the other dentist said my son needed — she determined he didn’t need at all, and he has been fine.

Anyway, though I’m not happy I have to go to the dentist tomorrow, I am very happy that I have such a good dentist to go to.


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