122. My Migraines Are So Much Better.

I had a bout with migraine this week.  It started with a vestibular migraine with no pain (dizziness only) and ended with just slight pain.  And I *think* it’s done, after four days.  (I’m not pushing it, though, it still feels like it’s hovering around the corner.)

But whether it’s gone or not — It had been EIGHT WEEKS since my last migraine.  And this one was just not very bad.  It hit at a time when I had some time off work and was able to take it very easy, and that made it even less of a problem.  (Tension exacerbates migraines.  But it’s hard to not be tense when you have a migraine.  This time, I was able to do it, mostly.)

So I just had four days with a migraine — and they weren’t bad days!  This is crazy!

And I’m thankful.  And also reminded what a blessing it is to be healthy.  A little reminder not to take it for granted.


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