141. A Network of Friends

That rare genetic eye disease I mentioned last time? It took me awhile, but I asked some friends to pray for me when it dawned on me that since I live alone, if I don’t tell people, they won’t know what I’m going through.

My pastor sent me an answer that was Spot On what I needed to hear. Here’s part of it:

“1) You are not alone.  I don’t simply mean that in the spiritual-platitude sense, although I do mean it like that as well.  But along with the fact that Jesus really is with you in this, you have built a healthy connection network.  There are many who would be willing to provide company and rides.  Of course, people are so busy you’d have to schedule it and you’d have to distribute it amongst several people – but you have those people, Sondy.  Count Diane and me among that number!”

That was good to hear. I know it’s true. But it was nice to be reminded. And nice to hear.

I have an independent streak. I like doing things for myself. But there are times when it’s good to ask for help. And I definitely have people who will come through for me.

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