205. Seven Years of Singleness

Seven years ago today, my divorce was finalized.

At the time, I was scared. I got married right after finishing grad school. So I hadn’t lived as a single adult on my own, out in the world. I felt unprotected and alone.

But – being single turned out to be lovely! I am working as a librarian, making my own friends, active in church, choosing activities that I like to do.

I have even managed to buy a car and keep it maintained! (That was one of the most daunting things. Done.) Why, I even chose and bought my own home (with a down payment from my dad, okay) – something we never managed to do as a couple.

Yes, there have been lonely times. Yes, I hope to marry again some day. But life is very good even if that doesn’t happen.

And this year I’m even on the Newbery committee!

Earlier this month, a family crisis got me feeling vulnerable and alone again. But now things are better, and I just keep on seeing herons, as I mentioned a couple days ago.

Herons represent self-reliance and remind me that, yes, I am just plain thankful for the last seven years.

I am not only living my single life with grace; I am soaring.

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