225. My Friends

I posted a quote on Sonderquotes tonight that hit the spot.

When I was married, I didn’t feel like I needed my friends as desperately as I do now. After all, I went home to my Best Friend.

I no longer have a Best Friend who lives with me – but I do have a wonderful hodge-podge of wonderful people in my life. Tonight I’m thinking of Silent Book Club and the two friends who came – one a delightful and kind storyteller, and the other a young college student who loves horror stories and drives an hour to join us.

I’ve got friends who build me up in my faith. I’ve got friends in the library world. I’ve got 14 new friends who are going to help choose this year’s Newbery winner with me! I’ve got friends who play board games with me.

And this quotation reminded me that the wonderful variety in my friends enhances my life. Even though I’m not “in a relationship,” even though I’m in my home alone right now – I am so rich in my friendships.

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