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Arabella and the Battle of Venus

by David D. Levine

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Arabella and the Battle of Venus

by David D. Levine

Review posted September 22, 2017.
Tor, Tom Doherty Associates, 2016. 350 pages.
Starred Review

It took me a long time to get around to reading Arabella of Mars, which meant I could immediately pick up the sequel, for more adventurous fun. A blurb on the back cover calls this "Regency space opera," and that's about right. We've got an alternate history where sailing ships fly between the planets during the Napoleonic Wars.

In this book, Arabella is still on Mars, but her fiancé has traveled to Venus - and there was captured by the French. He sends Arabella a letter telling her not to worry about him, but of course Arabella comes up with a scheme to try to save him. She hires a privateer to fly her to Venus. Her brother permits this plan as long as she brings along a chaperone, Lady Corey.

This second book isn't mostly about adventures between the planets, as the first was (though they definitely have some). Instead, the privateer's ship - and everyone on board - also gets captured by the French and held on Venus. But there's something big afoot in the shipyard where some of the prisoners are laboring. Now there's more to do than simply plan a mass escape.

Arabella's character is so much fun! She's resourceful and smart. And not slow to act. I was surprised how much I came to enjoy Lady Corey, too.

The science of this interplanetary travel and "interplanetary atmosphere" is iffy, but seems to be consistent with itself. I still roll my eyes a bit at the automata magically gaining personality and coming up with results the programmer doesn't understand. It can even hear Arabella speak without having ears!

But it's all in good fun. This is an adventure yarn with a memorable heroine who tries to rescue the man she loves and faces danger, capture, and even dinner with Napoleon.