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2006 Stand-outs

Here at last, I’m listing the best books I read in the year 2006, chosen in the year 2007.

All of these books I've chosen as Stand-outs are fabulous, and highly recommended. For fun, I've ranked them in the order I enjoyed them, but any book on the list is a special treat.

Enjoy these wonderful books!

  1. You Don't Have To Take It Anymore
    by Steven Stosny, PhD
  2. Sink Reflections
    by Marla Cilley, the FLYlady
  3. Forgive for Good
    by Dr. Fred Luskin
  4. How We Choose To Be Happy
    by Rick Foster and Greg Hicks
  5. Waking the World
    by A. B. Chinen, M.D.
  6. How Good Do We Have To Be?
    by Harold S. Kushner
  7. Peace, Love, and Healing
    by Bernie S. Siegel, M.D.
  8. The Spiritual Journey Toward a Healed Marriage
    by Charlyne Steinkamp
  9. NOT "Just Friends"
    by Shirley P. Glass, Ph.D.
  10. Between Two Worlds
    by Elizabeth Marquardt

  1. I'm Proud of You
    by Tim Madigan
  2. Diary of a Medical Intuitive
    by Christel Nani
  3. Three Cups of Tea
    by Greg Mortenson
  4. End of the Spear
    by Steve Saint
  5. Busting Vegas
    by Ben Mezrich
  6. You'll Never Nanny in this Town Again
    by Suzanne Hansen

  1. The Canterbury Papers
    by Judith Healey
  2. Jane Austen in Scarsdale
    by Paula Marantz Cohen
  3. One Good Knight
    by Mercedes Lackey
  4. The Cinderella Pact
    by Sarah Strohmeyer
  5. The Little Lady Agency
    by Hester Browne

  1. North by Northanger
    by Carrie Bebris
  2. The Oxford Murders
    by Guillermo Martinez
  3. Moving Is Murder
    by Sara Rosett
  4. Blue Shoes and Happiness
    by Alexander McCall Smith
  5. The Fourth Bear
    by Jasper Fforde

  1. Poetry Speaks to Children
    edited by Elise Paschen
  2. The Wand in the Word
    compiled and edited by Leonard S. Marcus

  1. The King of Attolia
    by Megan Whalen Turner
  2. River Secrets
    by Shannon Hale
  3. Ptolemy's Gate
    by Jonathan Stroud
  4. Hit the Road
    by Caroline B. Cooney
  5. Journey Between Worlds
    by Sylvia Engdahl
  6. Wizards at War
    by Diane Duane
  7. Hannah's Garden
    by Midori Snyder
  8. Magic or Madness
    by Justine Larbalestier
  9. Uglies
    by Scott Westerfeld
  10. Pretties
    by Scott Westerfeld
  11. Specials
    by Scott Westerfeld

  1. Bella at Midnight
    by Diane Stanley
  2. Fairest
    by Gail Carson Levine
  3. Caddy Ever After
    by Hilary McKay
  4. Strange Happenings
    by Avi

  1. Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late!
    by Mo Willems
  2. The Witch's Walking Stick
    by Susan Meddaugh
  3. Terrific
    by Jon Agee
  4. The Wolf's Story
    by Toby Forward, illustrated by Izhar Cohen
  5. Kibitzers and Fools
    by Simms Taback