Sonderbooks Book Review of Duck, Duck, Porcupine

Sonderbooks Book Review of

Duck, Duck, Porcupine

by Salina Yoon

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Duck, Duck, Porcupine

by Salina Yoon

Review posted March 11, 2017.
Bloomsbury, May 2016. 70 pages.

This has the feel of another classic beginning reader. We've got friends in everyday situations -- with a payoff ending. The story is told using speech bubbles (as well as pictures of lists). There are three stories, so it's preliminary to chapters.

Classic beginning readers have two best friends. In this book, we've got a trio. There's Big Duck, Little Duck, and Porcupine. Big Duck seems to think she's the leader, but in all three cases, Little Duck figures out a solution.

The bright colors and thick line drawings are visually pleasing. The pages of this book reach out to the reader. Yes, the text is in speech bubbles, but there are only a few words on a page, and even the youngest reader will not have any trouble following which speech comes next.

The promise is that this is the first of a new beginning reader series. I love seeing books that not only help a child who's beginning to be able to read on their own, but also give them something they will be happy to read. This story is good enough that kids not able to read yet will enjoy it just as much as those who gain the pride of reading it all by themselves.