87. Easter with Family-away-from-family

I love Easter.  And I do believe that Jesus’ resurrection means we should listen to His words.

After a lovely Easter service at church, my son and I went to my friend’s house.

I have known this friend, Darlene, since 3rd grade.  And when I moved to Virginia almost 10 years ago now, I and my two kids, then 12 and 18, lived in Darlene’s basement for six weeks.  Darlene’s kids were 2 and 4.

Darlene has invited us over many times in the years that followed.  Today my youngest son, who is now 21 and a college graduate, and I went over for Easter dinner.  Darlene’s kids are almost-12 and just-turned-14.  Her oldest is considerably taller than me now.

And having dinner with them felt like being with family.  Darlene’s husband Matt talked with my son about the challenges of finding a job.  I think it was helpful for my son, but was done in a friendly way and not at all a patronizing way.

And we did lots of eating and lots of talking and taught one of our favorite games to them and just had a lovely time.

There’s something extra special about knowing people — the whole family — over time.

My “real” family is on the west coast.  But I still have family here.

And that’s a blessing.

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