Thing #9

Now I’m on Thing 9 of the library’s 23 Things.  If I do them all, I get an MP3 player!

For Thing 9, I’m supposed to add some RSS feeds to my bloglines account and blog about it.

I’m warming up to Bloglines.  This try, I discovered the “Add” button, which makes it easier to add feeds.

The blogs I like best seem to all be found as links on my friend Akelda the Gleeful’s blog.  She has some great links!

That’s how I recommend finding feeds.  Start with a blog that you like, then look at the links they link to, and so on….  Real networking–because if you were to graph the links, you’d have an intricate network.

Today, I read all of Akelda’s “Children’s Books That Never Were”.  Sooooo funny!  Indeed, I don’t think that Marjorie Flack could have gotten Angus Lost published if the original idea was to present Angus as a platypus.  So good she got direction…. 🙂

Bloglines also let me know about a bunch of knitting blogs–I’m looking forward to looking those over, too.  Bloglines did NOT have a set of Kidlit blogs–so I’m delighted that Akelda has plenty of links to those.

I’m starting to like RSS feeds.  It’s not as simple as messages in your e-mail inbox.  I tend to prefer that–and some of my Sonderbooks subscribers do too, I can tell.  However, once you have a place to go to see what’s new, it is a convenient form….  It’s probably better to keep the list from getting too long, so you can keep track of the ones you really follow.

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