Thing #19

Thing 19 was to look at an award page of Web 2.0 tools, This one was frightfully fascinating!  Most of the pages had intriguing links.

From Squidoo, I went to a page, a “lens” with everything you could possibly ever want to know about Michelangelo’s David.

Ning had the successor to Brotherhood2.0, the Nerdfighter site.

There was a social networking site for young people called

There are sites that do feed management, photos, travel… so much.  It looks like a good place to go the next time I want to find something cool on the web.

Thing #15

I’m back to LCPL’s 23 Things program.  Thing #15 is just to read some articles about Library 2.0 and comment on them in your blog.  (That’s what I’m doing!)

I see the lipservice to 23 Things in the official program.  However, I don’t see the library carrying it out.  They’ve set up some things on the official website, but I would like those of us out meeting the public to be encouraged to post about our reading on a blog, or maybe to be able to tag books in our library catalog.

Taking a grad class in Content Representation while looking at Web 2.0 tools is fascinating.  Content Representation talks about metadata–how do we organize information about information?  Tagging is a form of metadata, but on the web in general it’s very nonstandard.  So it’s interesting to see these new tools interacting with libraries, and to think of the possibilities with that interaction.

Meanwhile, I’m making a blog form of my book reviews website, so I can now get comments, and interact more with other people about the books.

A friend of mine talks about limiting her son’s “Screen Time.”  But I think that calling computer time “Screen Time” fails to appreciate that a computer is much, much more than a TV.  Nowadays, computers are about social interaction, about contributing–and getting a response back, about connecting to other people.

And that’s exciting.