Thing #8

I’m doing a series of 23 Things for Loudoun County Public Library’s Learning 2.0 program.  We are supposed to be learning to use Web 2.0 technology.  On each step, we’re to blog about our experiences.

Thing #8 was to set up a bloglines account and subscribe to some feeds.

So far, I’m not real happy with bloglines–I like My Yahoo much better, and wish we could have taken our pick.  I probably won’t use Bloglines a lot in the future.

Besides, I set up my own personal feed reader at, the former site of my blog.  (And there are archives there of my adventures in Europe.)

I believe that Thing #9 has us exploring Bloglines a bit further, so I will see if I grow any more fondness for it.

I tried to add Brotherhood 2.0 to my feeds at Bloglines, and it didn’t work real well.  That’s the video blog my son and I are now hooked on.  It’s library related, because John Green is a YA author, right?

My life now is busy, busy, busy, but I figure that since Learning 2.0 is a program sponsored by my employer, I can try to get a Thing done every week or two, and that’s fair.  It’s a challenge doing that.  Sharing an office, running story time, Babygarten, and Summer Reading programs, we don’t get a lot of time at our desks.  So I’m seizing the day today….

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