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by Roderigo Folgueira

illustrated by Poly Bernatene

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by Roderigo Folgueira
illustrated by Poly Bernatene

Review posted April 16, 2015.
Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 2013. Originally published in Great Britain in 2012.
Starred Review

One morning, a surprise visitor is in the frog’s pond.

It was a pig – a little pink pig sitting on a rock.

When they ask the pig what it’s doing there, the only thing the pig says is, “Ribbit!”

The frogs get into a tizzy about it:

“WHAT did he say?”
cried the frogs.
“This pig is confused!”
“Does he think he’s a frog?”
“Is he making fun of us?”

But again, all the little pig said was . . .


Soon, the other animals of the forest hear about the pig who thinks he’s a frog. They start teasing the frogs, and doing their own speculating.

The animals laughed and laughed –
and the frogs got angrier and angrier –
until, finally, the chief frog shouted out . . .


We’re not getting anywhere by fighting!
We must go and find the wise old beetle.
He’ll know what to do.”

But when all the animals and frogs go to the wise old beetle and try to show him the problem, the pig is gone. However, the wise old beetle indeed is able to shed light on the situation, and the book wraps up with a new situation, and some insights for all the animals about how to make new friends.


This book has the fun of animal sounds, a lovely twist ending, a nice message, and wonderful illustrations. Just see if you don’t get a giggle every time the pig says “Ribbit!” This is another book that makes me itch to read it aloud.