Bluebells and Home

When my son got accepted to Thomas Jefferson High School, a shift happened in my mind.

Before this, I was still hoping for reconciliation with my husband and assumed that would mean I would move to live with him.  As I followed him for all of our married lives.  That’s what wives do, right?

I’m still hoping for reconciliation.  But now, whether or not that happens, I am making a Home here.  My son gets to go to the BEST high school in the nation!  As long as I live in Fairfax County.  We went to the Freshman Preview Night and were so impressed.  There is simply no way I’d have the heart to give him a taste of that wonderful school and then pull him out and make him go to an ordinary school.

So — at least for the next four years, I fully intend to live in Fairfax County.

And you know what?  I like that idea!  I can make a home here.

I have wonderful friends here — new friends as well as friends I’ve known almost my entire life.  I have a fabulous, loving and welcoming church where people worship God and talk about God and God guides and directs.  Tim was already going to an excellent school, and in high school he’s going to go to an even better one.  And I got a wonderful job working as a Children’s Librarian, working with more fabulous people.

Truly God is richly blessing me, right here and right now.

I had a Friday off, with Tim in school.  I work for Fairfax County, and a daily news update mentioned that it was now Bluebell Season at Bull Run Regional Park.  Shortly after cherry blossom season, the bluebells burst into bloom by the riverside.  The trees still don’t have enough foliage to block the sunlight, and the flowers turn into a sea of blue.

Well, Bull Run Regional Park isn’t far at all from my home.  (And I’d heard of Bull Run since I was a little girl — when my brother did a panorama of the Civil War battle.  Pretty cool to actually see it!)  The day was glorious.  The sun was shining and breezes were blowing.  An utterly wonderful day for a walk. 

The trail ended up being a nice loop along Cub Run and Bull Run, about a 45-minute walk with stops for pictures, and totally flat.  It was a magnificent way to spend some time, and I felt I was truly appreciating my new, beautiful home!


I’ll post a link to my facebook album of pictures as soon as I get them edited.


  1. Wives do not follow their husbands anymore. If the wife makes more money than the husband, the husband follows the wife. Most of my associates are either nurses or doctors and their husbands follow them where ever they work.

    An associate of mine got a great job at Las Vegas so her husband followed her along w/ her 4 children to Vegas. Her company helped her find a job for her husband, but he decided to stay home and be with the kids. Another associate at my work who has 4 very young kids has her husband stay at home while she works as a charge nurse.

    Rick was willing to follow me to Anaheim but every time I think of moving, I feel too attached to my parents. I don’t want to be so far from my parents. I fantasize about moving to Anaheim so my 34 mile commute would be shorter, but I like being at walking distance from my parents. So for now, I stay in San Pedro.

  2. I fantasize that Rick will succeed at his business so I can retire and either foster many babies or open up a dog rescue organization.

    At church last sunday, they talked about Philipians 4 where the Philipians are Paul’s crown. He got a crown for every soul won to Christ.

    Since I have a hard time winning adults to Christ and children are much easier influenced, I decided to raise children so I can get crowns in heaven. I can win children to Christ much easier than adults. I’ll need the time to do it so I cant be working 10 hours a day.

    I know I can’t win souls to Christ running a dog rescue, but that seems like a lot of fun if I can’t foster children. I’ll have to get different crowns in heaven if I can’t get those crowns like Paul got through the Philipians.

  3. That’s nice, Lorinda! Thanks!
    I’m still working on getting more pictures posted…

  4. That’s nice, Lorinda! Thanks!
    I’m still working on getting more pictures posted…

  5. I didn’t realize bluebells look so much like the flowers on lavender trees (jacarandas, I mean). Beautiful. Maybe that’s why some people call them “blue trees.” They never looked blue to me. Doesn’t explain the bluebells, though. Except I guess “bluebell” sounds better than “lavenderbell.”

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