My Summer Vacation


Summer vacation is drawing to a close, and ever since June, I’ve been meaning to write about my travels, even though they were much less than when I lived in Europe.

So, better late than never!  The summer began with my birthday trip to my MLIS graduation.  In many ways, that symbolized my new life, my new beginnings.

It seems paradoxical, because I am going through the hardest thing I’ve ever faced — divorce.  Yet, this summer my life has been characterized by more joy and peace than I have experienced in years.  Truly, God is being good to me.

Though I miss my husband, and still hope and pray that our marriage will be restored (and believe that God has personally promised me that it will), yet as they say at, God is being “my husband for this season,” and He is taking wonderfully good care of me.

For the first time in my adult life, my primary identity is not being a wife.  And it feels good!  Graduation symbolized that, as getting my MLIS degree enabled me to get this fantastic job.  I am a Children’s Librarian!  And I love it!

I drove up to Philadelphia on the morning of my birthday, June 14.  I didn’t find my classmates until we were robing and getting in line, but then I did find them, and it was lovely to meet people I had chatted with and done projects with and learned with.  And all of us celebrating the completion of our degrees.  We got to march through together and sit together, and had a long brunch together the next morning.

IMG_1722.JPG  The Drexel Dragon breathing “smoke”!

IMG_1719.JPG  Hagerty Library, where I virtually hung out.

Handshake.jpg  The handshake!

Walking.jpg  A happy moment!

IMG_1738.JPG  Here we are!  Graduates!

Definitely a memorable birthday, to celebrate my new life as a Children’s Librarian!

So it was a propitious start to my Summer Vacation.

On the way home, I had a wonderful interlude at Longwood Gardens….


  1. Maybe I should have just said “good”! 🙂
    I looked it up myself on Google, and it also has elements of “auspicious” — a sign of good things to come.

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