Praying with the Psalmists

My pandemic project was writing a book about Psalms, and now the main work of writing it is finished.

The book is about looking at the ten types of Psalms and using them as patterns for writing out own psalms.

If I eventually get the book published, I want to have a website where people can post their own psalms to share with others who have read the book.

For now, this blog post will have to do. People who have read the manuscript form of the book are encouraged to post their psalms in the comments.

And I’ll start it off by writing a simple prayer of thanks for my big life change of 2022, using parallelism.

Thanks for a Blessed Year

Lord, this year unexpectedly a dream came true,
I was surprised with a second chance at a job I’d long wanted.

I’d wanted the job ever since I found out it existed,
thought it would be cool for about 14 years.
Nine years ago, the job came open
and I watched every week for an announcement,
but it took a year before I could apply,
and weeks beyond that before interviews happened.

Then they put applicants through three interviews,
and I was only offered two.
I was so nervous with the in-person interview,
I got a dizzy spell.
It was another half a year before I found out my dream didn’t happen,
and with a young person in the job, I thought it never would.

I didn’t understand, but I made the best of it.
After all, in a branch, my job had more variety.
I liked my coworkers,
and I liked reading to kids.
I spent the time getting better at my job
and finding great joy in it.

Surely it was all for the best,
even though I couldn’t understand?

Then in March last year, I was sitting on an interview panel,
thinking how much better it is to ask the questions than answer,
thinking how much I loved my current job,
thinking how glad I was I’d never have to interview again.

A couple hours later, I learned that my dream job was coming open again,
as the young selector was moving to Utah.
In less than a blink of an eye,
I knew I’d be interviewing for the job,
the dream job I’d always wanted,
that I still wanted with all my heart.

I was afraid the interview would be scary.
I didn’t want another dizzy spell.
I found practice questions and thought through my answers.
I did two practice interviews with others
and countless practice interviews by myself.
The real interview happened about a month later.
(Only a month!)
It was virtual, and two of the three asking questions were already friends.
I got to tell them why this job is right for me.

And I got the job!
And yes, this is the right job for me at the right time.

Looking back, I’m happy about those nine years at Fairfax branch,
that I wouldn’t have had if things had gone how I wanted.

But there are so many things right about doing the job now,
with nine years more experience in the branches.

And Lord, this builds my trust
and fills my heart with joy.
You did grant me my heart’s desire,
at an even better time than when I first wanted it.

I’m amazed and thankful,
and simply going to work gives me joy.

Thank you for this blessing.
Thank you for a dream come true.


  1. Wisdom psalm example

    Rest (after Psalm 127)
    Lord, you grant sleep to those you love,
    so why do I not accept your gift?

    “In vain you rise early
    and stay up late,
    toiling for food to eat –
    for he grants sleep to those he loves.”

    I’m not toiling for food to eat
    so much as frittering time on twitter,
    staying up to do Wordle and Quordle.
    but also to do the projects my heart loves –
    reading for award committees,
    posting reviews,
    posting pictures,
    emailing friends –
    all things I didn’t quite get to during the bulk of the day
    there’s not enough day for all the things I’d like to do
    but you grant sleep
    to those you love.

    Can I accept that you love me?
    Can I accept the gift of sleep,
    of rest,
    of laying down my duties,
    believing that I do not have to work
    to earn the privilege,
    believing that even what I think is an unproductive day
    can be rewarded with rest,
    simply because you love me,
    whether or not I am productive?

  2. psalm of trust example

    Lord my God, you’ve taught me to trust;
    you’ve been by my side through awful things.
    Now teach me to trust
    in the good times.

    I’ve got so much going on;
    my schedule is packed with wonderful things.
    I’m singing in the choir,
    meeting with friends,
    co-leading a small group,
    meeting online with my kids,
    posting my website,
    even serving on a prestigious book award committee,
    all on top of working full-time at my dream job.

    All of these are wonderful gifts from you,
    but I need to learn to trust you to make things work out.
    It’s not all up to me.
    You are my refuge.
    When I don’t get everything I think I need done in a day,
    I need to put my trust in you.

    My happiness has been a gift from you –
    why do I act like it’s up to me to keep it going?

    Guide me, Lord, in using my time.
    Show me when to press on
    and when to allow myself rest.
    Show me the ways I should choose;
    help me remember it’s not all up to me.

    Help me to also trust you in the joyful times
    and always thank you for them.

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