Project 52: Bonus Post with Pictures

1966_06 Two Year Old Picture

Last month, on my 52nd Birthday, I began Project 52 — For 52 weeks, I’m going to reflect on the 52 years of my life.

Well, last week, covering my fourth year, I ran out of pictures that I had copied. Now, I’m going to my parents’ house at the end of this month, so I figure I can make some copies then, but I asked my Dad if he could tide me over.

He answered with an abundance of pictures from the years I plan to cover the next few weeks.

But thanks to my Mom’s meticulous dating of pictures, I discovered that some were from the years I’ve already covered, so I thought I’d post some of those here.

And I also remembered where I had stashed two pictures I blatantly stole from my parents’ house at some point in the past. One is the picture above, which was taken in honor of my second birthday.

Then this adorable family picture was taken when Baby Wendy was four months old. Isn’t Ricky’s bow tie so cute?

1968_02 Family Photo Cute

But then, lest we get smug about such cuteness, perhaps the photographer tried to get a shot with everyone looking serious? Whatever the motivation, I was having none of it! This photo cracks me up every time I look at it.

1968_02 Family Photo Funny

A picture that made me super happy to find was this one of me with my neighborhood friend Patty and our cat Zenie.

1968_05 Patty and Zenie

I was going to talk about Zenie next week — I hadn’t realized that we got her when I was still three years old.

Zenie was a stray cat, but she came with a note attached to his collar that said, “Please give me a home.” I loved her very much. I think I thought of her as my cat. I think that Ricky chose the name, coming from “Zebra,” because she was striped. Oh, and you can see our collie, Tiny Tim, peeking through the fence in back. I was a little afraid of Tiny Tim. But Zenie, I loved.

From the picture below, I’m not sure if the feeling was mutual!

1968_05 Zenie

There are also some nice Sibling Pictures:

1968_05 Three by Playpen

Now that Wendy was born, Ricky-Becky-Sondy had become “the Big Kids.”

1968_05 Three by Organ

And this one’s just priceless. I was one cool three-year-old!

1968_05 Miss Cool

And now expect many more pictures next week when I cover being Four Years Old. I’m having way too much fun with this! A big part of the fun is remembering what it was like to be that little person. I remember some odd things — putting on those clothes, feeling the soft kitty. I had completely forgotten how much I liked wearing necklaces. (To come!)

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  1. Maggie Belsan says:

    These are great. You look just the same!

  2. Rick Hatch says:

    “Zeeny” was a portmanteau (cool word which I had no idea of back then) of “zebra” and “teeny” (as in “teeny-tiny”), because it was such a small striped kitten.

  3. Administrator says:

    Ah! Perfectly logical! (All I grasped when I was three was that it had to do with Zebra.)

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