Christmas Letter

Life is FULL of reasons for Joy!

That’s the motto I’ve adopted for my life as a single Mom and a career woman.  Indeed, 2009 was full of lots of joyful moments:

 ManassasWe moved last Spring!  (Be sure to note our new address.)  Our new place is a rental townhome, and it’s much cozier and more homelike than our old apartment, but much less expensive, so a winner all around.  I have a longer commute to work, but I’m discovering the joy of audiobooks, so I don’t mind.


We’ve discovered Virginia is beautiful.  Tim and I had some good times hiking this year at places like Shenandoah National Park, Manassas Battlefield Park, the creek right by our home, and even on a frozen solid creek at the start of the year.


I’m still thoroughly enjoying my job as Youth Services Manager at Herndon Fortnightly Library.  There’s lots of variety, and I particularly enjoy connecting kids with great books.  With budget cuts, I may be forced to look for a new job next year, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the time I’ve had at this job.

 Tim is a Sophomore at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, ranked the number one high school in the nation for the third year in a row by US News and World Report.  He’s not terribly talkative (He’s a teenager!), but I’m pretty sure he likes going there!  He admitted to particularly liking his Computer Science class last year, so this year he’s taking AP Computer Science.  We’ll see if that ends up being the area he specializes in.  (Seniors have to do a research project.)

 Josh is living at my parents’ house in Los Angeles, working for my brothers’ company, writing software that makes graphing calculators easier to use.  He’s proud of his work on Zoom Algebra 300 and Zoom Chemistry.  Now the calculators can do Algebra 2 problems, and show the steps, as well as balance chemical equations.  Check it out at  On the side, he’s still writing screenplays.

 I’m still writing my website of book reviews,, and still enjoying blogging and connecting with old friends on Facebook.  This Fall, I had several book-related joyful moments: I got to meet my favorite author at the National Book Festival, got to attend a Kidlit Bloggers’ Conference, and got to take an online class on the Newbery Medal.


2010 has lots of uncertainty, but I am certain that God will still be looking after us and continuing to provide an abundance of joyful moments.

 Wishing you much Joy this Christmas,

 Sondy Eklund


  1. Thanks for sharing your Christmas letter giving your year in brief. You do, indeed, have many “reasons for joy”–and there’s certainly reason to anticipate this will continue. I have not been to Virginia myself, but your photos show it to be lovely. Its wonderful your son can attend the highest ranking school in the country. You’re enjoying your new home that costs less money. You love your job. You get to hear books en route. And you’ve had some good experiences related to your favorite pastime. Oh sure, in between all may not be as rosy, but that’s true for everyone. I’m just proud of you for taking the high road and placing your reliance in God, from whom all good gifts flow. I’m confident He’ll bless you for that.

    I’ll send you a copy of our Chrsitmas letter by separate email.
    Merry Christmas.

  2. I had surgery last Friday, but am doing fine now. I will know the results in a few weeks.
    Elizabeth and I are involved in a care circle for the last three months, so we are spending a good part of our time studying, cleaning hous, and shepherding a group of six men. I am also involved in the Stephen Ministry of our church in the Renton Highlands.
    Last summer I did a lot of playing in the dirt (with my 1954 Cat D-4), so hopfully next spring we can put in a septic system for our mobile home near Tonasket, Wa.
    We are having a familly Christmas party on Christmas eve at Steve’s house.
    Thanks for the beautifull pics Uncle Elmer and Elizabeth

  3. SO enjoyed your Christmas newsletter, Sondy. SO positive. Great photos.
    Good news about Josh and Tim. Have a super 2009! Patti

  4. It’s great to hear you’re doing so well, Sondy! Thank you for thinking of us.

    I recently mailed out our Christmas cards and picture, but it went to your old address. If it gets returned to us, I’ll send it out again to your new address.

    Our snail mail address has changed, too, because we moved and bought a house in CA, something we NEVER thought we’d ever do!!! The economical turn made it possible for us. Our new address is 476 Americano Way, Fairfield CA 94533.

    MUch love,
    Bobbie and crew

  5. Sondy,
    it is always great to hear what you and the boys are up to – your photos are beautiful and your outlook is inspiring. I feel that the joy you found in 2009 will continue to grow in 2010.

  6. Hi Sondy,

    thank you for you Christmas letter, I enjoyed it very much !
    Wish you a Happy New Year !!! Stay strong, keep the positive and keep in touch 🙂

    Regards from Germany

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