Children’s Writers

I’ve decided that people who write for children and young adults are an extremely intelligent bunch.

I’m reading my new issue of The Horn Book Magazine, and this month it’s got many short essays by children’s writers on gender issues.  I’m struck afresh by how brilliant these people are.

There was an interview with Jon Scieszka.  The man is wonderfully funny, and his books are full of boyish pranks (no surprise to learn he’s from a family of all boys).  But how amazingly insightful he is as well.  Part of why I love reading Horn Book Magazine is that big issues are dealt with in a thought-provoking, powerful way.

Then I realize it’s not the first time I’ve heard wisdom from children’s writers.  Susan Patron’s Newbery Acceptance Speech.  David Wiesner’s Caldecott Acceptance Speech.  Okay, every single author I heard speak at ALA–and for the Printz Awards, even the Honor winners had to speak.  Then there’s John and Hank Green’s Brotherhood 2.0 site–full of tremendously clever, tremendously funny, nerdy humor.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that people who can express profound truths through fiction also turn out to be deep thinkers.

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