Project 52, Week 35 – Part 3 – Still in England!

It’s time for Project 52, Week 35!

1999_07_19 7 Books from Heffers

35 weeks ago, on my 52nd birthday, I began Project 52. Since there are 52 weeks in a year, each week I’m taking one year of my life and blogging about it. This week, I’m covering the year I was 35 — June 14, 1999, to June 14, 2000.

The year I was 35 began with one of our greatest European vacations, to England, so it’s taking up more than one post. First, we roamed around Dover Castle, then we went to Bodiam Castle, Battle Abbey, Winnie-the-Pooh country, Framlingham Castle, and Somerleyton Hall.

The next day, July 19, we went to Cambridge. It was fun walking around the stately buildings.

1999_07_19 1 Cambridge

1999_07_19 2 Cambridge

And next to the Cam River:

1999_07_19 4 River Cam

1999_07_19 5 River Cam

The cows really surprised me!

1999_07_19 6 Cows

But the highlight of the day was definitely visiting Heffers Children’s Bookshop! Book 3 of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban had been published in the United Kingdom at that time, but not yet in America. So we bought a copy before our American friends could do so! Then all the rest of our travels in England were accompanied by one of us reading the book aloud. (And of course we read a chapter before bed as well.)

1999_07_19 3 Heffers

The picture at the top of this post is me in front of our cottage in Wisbech when we got back. You didn’t think Harry Potter was the only book we bought, did you?

The next day, we went to London! We parked at a station and took a train in.

1999_07_20 1 Train

We began our sight-seeing with Castle #78, the Tower of London!

1999_07_20 2 Tower

1999_07_20 3 Tower

1999_07_20 4 Tower

1999_07_20 5 Tower

1999_07_20 6 Tower

1999_07_20 7 Tower

1999_07_20 8 Tower

1999_07_20 9 Tower Bear

Here’s the Tower Bridge over the Thames:

1999_07_20 10 Tower Bridge

We rode on the top of a double-decker bus around London.

1999_07_20 11 Big Ben

1999_07_20 12 Big Ben

1999_07_20 13 Tour

I didn’t take pictures of the rest, but the kids enjoyed Segaworld, and we visited used book stores at Charing Cross Road.

1999_07_20 14 Bobby Bear

The next day was a day for visiting castles we found in the countryside. First up was Castle #79, Weeting Castle. We had a picnic there (just like we’d do at castles in Germany).

1999_07_21 1 Weeting

1999_07_21 2 Weeting

1999_07_21 3 Weeting

1999_07_21 4 Weeting

1999_07_21 5 Weeting

1999_07_21 6 Weeting

1999_07_21 7 Weeting

1999_07_21 8 Weeting

Our next stop was Castle #80, Castle Acre Priory. I was endlessly fascinated by the shapes made by the ruins.

1999_07_21 9 Castle Acre Priory

1999_07_21 10 Castle Acre Priory

1999_07_21 11 Castle Acre Priory

1999_07_21 12 Castle Acre Priory

1999_07_21 13 Castle Acre Priory

1999_07_21 14 Castle Acre Priory

1999_07_21 15 Castle Acre Priory

1999_07_21 16 Castle Acre Priory

1999_07_21 17 Castle Acre Priory

1999_07_21 18 Castle Acre Priory

1999_07_21 19 Castle Acre Priory

1999_07_21 20 Castle Acre Priory

1999_07_21 21 Castle Acre Priory

1999_07_21 22 Castle Acre Priory

1999_07_21 23 Castle Acre Priory

1999_07_21 24 Castle Acre Priory

1999_07_21 25 Castle Acre Priory

Our final stop of the day, in the same town, was Castle #81, Castle Acre Castle. (The town was “Castle Acre,” and it had both a Priory and a Castle.) This was a much older motte-and-bailey castle — like those I’d read about in books about castles. Apparently they’re a lot more common in England than in Germany, and was how the first castles were built. Lots of massive earthworks around a central round ditch.

1999_07_21 26 Castle Acre Castle

1999_07_21 27 Castle Acre Castle

1999_07_21 28 Castle Acre Castle

1999_07_21 29 Castle Acre Castle

The kids and Steve played “Harry Potter tag” in the center. It was like Freeze tag, but you say “Basilisk” when you touch someone to freeze them.

1999_07_21 30 Castle Acre Castle

1999_07_21 31 Castle Acre Castle

1999_07_21 32 Castle Acre Castle

1999_07_21 33 Castle Acre Castle

1999_07_21 34 Castle Acre Castle

1999_07_21 35 Castle Acre Castle

1999_07_21 36 Castle Acre Castle

And here’s Timmy holding Tiny Daddy!

1999_07_21 37 Tiny Steve

Well, that was three more days of our amazing English vacation. I’ll try to finish the last three days in another post tonight.

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