Flood of Memories

This year, when I found out my brother was getting married the day before Labor Day, I planned my vacation for the last week of the summer, in Oregon. Yesterday my youngest son and I got here, and today we’re really here. I’m still not up to full speed after my stroke last month, so that’s my excuse for being lazy and “resting” this morning, finishing the book I started on the airplane.

But my goodness, the nostalgia from being here!

I was born in Washington, DC, but my parents only lived there briefly. The first place I remember living was Kent, Washington, near Seattle. We moved away, to Los Angeles, when I was almost 6 years old, and I didn’t want to move at all, and Seattle was always my ideal of a beautiful place to live. Part of what I loved about Germany was the weather reminded me of Seattle — nice cool summers, and beautiful GREEN.

So, when we lived in Seattle, we visited Grandma & Grandpa in Salem often — it was only a couple hours away. Then when we moved to Los Angeles, we’d go most summers. Until about the 9th child was born in 1977. By then, I think there were too many of us to take the trip very easily. So we didn’t go so much.

After I grew up and got married, I went to Oregon only twice (until now). Once was with my own family when my now-23-year-old son was a year old, and once again when my Grandma died (but that was by myself). So you see, most of the time I spent at Grandma’s house was when I was a foot or two shorter than I am now. So it all seems much smaller!

On top of that, of course, the neighborhood is much, much more built up. My Grandpa had five acres. He built the house himself and this is where my Mom grew up. It seems very strange to me that now when you look out windows you can see other houses. There was lots of land around it all and lots and lots of trees. So the yard actually is much smaller — it’s not only that I’m bigger.

My Aunt Susie lives alone in the house now, and I’ve been delighted with the welcome she gave my son and me. I’m still recovering, so slept late and read this morning. Then we went for a drive to see beautiful Oregon scenery and I fell in love with Oregon again.

In the past year, three of my brothers and sisters and my oldest son have all moved to Oregon. Mind you, all of these particular brothers and sisters are at least sixteen years younger than me. But I’m afraid I’m a lot more excited about seeing family when they are in Oregon than when they are in Los Angeles! And today being in Grandma’s House has produced such a flood of memories from when I was so much younger.

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