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130. Ponies!

Monday, October 24th, 2016

Today after checking out from Waterside Inn, I went back to Chincoteague Wildlife Refuge — and today I spent about an hour at the Pony Overlook off the Woodland Trail watching a herd of 12 ponies.

And it was Awesome.


129. Reading on Waterside Inn’s Balcony

Saturday, October 22nd, 2016


I’m on a Personal Reading Retreat!

When I found out I get to be a Cybils judge this year for Young Adult Speculative Fiction, I was daunted by all the reading I’m going to need to do.  When I talked with my coworkers about it, it occurred to me that I should just get *away* and read.

So — I booked two nights at Waterside Inn in Chincoteague!  And I took Monday off work.  It did take me 4 hours to get here, but I listened to an audiobook on the way.

But now the plan is to read and read and read.

I got here just in time to see the sun going down from the balcony.  There’s a view of the bay, and it’s going to be a perfect place to read!

I’m going to try to finish my first book tonight.

But what a lovely place to do it!

128. Reading on my Balcony

Sunday, October 16th, 2016

Okay, I’m blessed because I get to read!  I’m going to be repeating that for a bit.

I did notice that now I really <em>need</em> to read — the danger is that it becomes a chore and I start getting stressed out about getting it done.

So this weekend I reminded myself that I so love doing this!

And I finished a 600-page book and read most of that book out on my balcony on a glorious weekend.

This is the life!  I am blessed.

127. My Own Personal 48-Hour Book Challenge

Monday, October 10th, 2016

This weekend started for me last Thursday.  I had two days off, then worked a day, then had two days off.  (This was because I worked 6 days in a row the previous week.)  So — I scheduled my own personal 48-Hour Book Challenge.  I managed to read and blog for 31 hours and 40 minutes out of the 48!  And it was just a lovely thing to do!

I got a great head start on Cybils judging.  And I had a lovely time.

126. I Should Be Reading!

Saturday, October 1st, 2016

What I love about Cybils judging — I really should be reading right now!

I’d better get offline and go do that!