48. Glowing Leaves

GlowingLeaves2 The day after I mentioned being thankful for Autumn was my day off.  It dawned on me that I hadn’t been home at sundown in weeks (because the sun goes down while I’m driving home from work, and I’d had weekend activities lately).  When I looked out my window in the late afternoon, I was stunned to see the sun spotlighting the line of red maple trees on the hill on the other side of my lake.  They were at their peak of colorfulness and looked stunning. I had to go out!


Instead of my usual walk on the path around the lake, I walked through the corridor of bright and shining leaves.

These pictures only begin to give the idea of the amazing display.  All of the pictures I took here had me exclaiming aloud when I first saw how beautiful it was.  It sounds silly to say I gasped at the beauty, but that’s the truth.  What a tremendous blessing that evening was.  It felt like my own private astonishing display.


47. Cleaning Up After Only Myself

I think I need to remind myself of some of the perks of living alone!

And Saturday night I did a housecleaning — and it was so easy!  And it’s just not going to get dirty very fast!  And I have so much time for more interesting things!  And I don’t have to clean up any disgusting Man-Mess.  (Yes, a husband and kids are worth it — but there’s always a good side!  Just reminding myself.)  Other people’s messes are always a little harder to tolerate than your own.  And I simply don’t have to deal with that for this season in my life.

46. Autumn


I lived in southern California from the year I turned 6 to the year I turned 26 — and to me, Autumn still seems like a miracle.

I don’t get tired of taking pictures of colored leaves (as my Facebook friends are well aware).  And I don’t get tired of looking at them.

So beautiful.  Such a blessing to get to live where the trees turn into glorious works of art!


45. Committee Work

So — It’s kind of a funny thing.  I got on ALSC’s Grants Administration Committee as a way of doing my time in hopes I’d be considered a good candidate for the Newbery Committee some day.  After two years on the Children and Technology Committee, I did two years on the Grants Administration Committee — and this year I’m committee chair.

The funny thing?  I’m really enjoying it.  Yes, it is tough to evaluate the different applications.  (Fortunately, it’s not all up to me.  We’ve got a committee for that.)  But hearing what people are doing in their libraries helps make me excited about being a librarian.  And touching the lives of children.

And now I get to help generous people give money to help that happen for other librarians in other libraries.  And that’s a blessing.

44. KidLitCon 2015

I spent Friday and Saturday at KidLitCon in Baltimore!

KidLitCon is a yearly conference for children’s book bloggers.  The location rotates, so this year with it in driving distance — I had to go!  This was my fourth KidLitCon, and again it was such a treat to be with “my people” — people who love children’s books as much as I do!

43. My Friendly Neighborhood Great Blue Heron



This morning I was having my quiet time and wondering a little bit if I’m in the right place.  I’d been looking at photos from my time in Germany last night, and remembering what a boost I’d get from visiting castles.  Maybe I should try to go back?  But when I was there before, I had a husband and two sons to do the castling with.  People really make all the difference.

And here I have a super meaningful job and wonderful connections with people at church.  And I was thinking about lots of good things in my life right now, while staring out the window down at my lake — when the great blue heron walked right through my view.

He quickly went behind grasses, so I couldn’t get a picture of him from my house, but you can be sure I brought my camera when I went for my walk later.  And yes, I got my heron fix!

I laugh about the idea of a heron fix, but I have to admit that regularly seeing my friendly neighborhood great blue heron never fails to remind me that I have a beautiful life, here and now.

42. Headache Free!

I have gotten headaches frequently since at least fourth grade.  I used to go out and play on a cement playground in southern California in bright sunshine.  Funny thing, but I used to frequently get a headache after lunchtime recess.

Anyway, they have gotten significantly, hugely, wonderfully less frequent since I turned 50 and hit “the change.”

Mind you, last week I had a very low-grade headache that lasted four days.

But that was just enough to remind me that I used to think that on the days I didn’t have a headache, I should be sure to thank God.

So I am doing so today.


And that is a blessing indeed.