209. Candlelight Service in Our New Building

I’ve always loved the Candlelight Service on Christmas Eve at Gateway Community Church. We sing “Shine, Jesus, Shine” after letting the candlelight spread through the auditorium. And we hold our candles high. I didn’t use to think of that as a Christmas song!

And this was our first year in our new building, so there were lots more people, and it was all the more beautiful.

This year, we’re having an 11 pm service to prepare our hearts for Christmas, as well. It makes for a memorable Christmas Eve.

208. New Books and Time to Read Them

I’ve got four days off for Christmas. They’ll be sort of busy, but there should be plenty of time to read in there.

And – today our Youth Materials Selector sent me another box of 2018 children’s book ARCs – to get a headstart on my reading for the Newbery. Yay! I had almost read all the middle-grade ones she’d sent before, so I was ready for a new batch.

It’s going to be a lovely Christmas!

207. Christmas Tree Lighting

My church had a Christmas Tree Lighting. And what’s special about that is that for years we were meeting in a middle school, but now we have our own building! So this was the first annual Christmas Tree Lighting!

And I realized that usually I go to church with a goal – at the very least to learn something. But this was a goal-less trip. To celebrate, see people I care about, meet some new people, and do a little worshipping as well. It was lovely.