170. Movie with a Friend

My friend invited me to see a 20th anniversary showing of The Fifth Element last night.

It was just tremendously fun!

My family had the DVD, and I know I’ve seen most of it. But I don’t think I ever sat down and watched the whole thing from start to finish – and you really need to in order to know what’s going on!

Anyway, it was just a fun evening, on a Sunday when we didn’t have our usual gaming. And I’d already gotten a call from my son.

163. Gracious Friends

I’m working through the hard years of my life on my Project 52 project. And it’s been great to get perspective, but it’s been hard, too. Last night I read lots of old emails from my ex-husband, and those emails are packed full of words telling me all the ways I was a terrible person.

Those lines should be stale by now — but today I’m feeling down on myself.

Then I happened to post this quote that says that sometimes we need other people to show us we’re lovable. And that’s where my gracious friends have come in – reminding me that I waited so long for my husband because I loved him and I wanted to give him every possible chance to change his mind.

I see all the things I did wrong with that entire episode. (And this isn’t a surprise — those are the things Steve pointed out.) But, my gracious friends are reminding me that they see it differently.

And that helps.

146. Capitol Choices

I know well that the group of people who are passionate about discussing new children’s books make up a tiny percentage of the population. I’ve found them in other book bloggers. I’ve found them in people who comment on the Heavy Medal mock-Newbery blog and other School Library Journal blogs. I’ve found them among other ALSC members.

But how lucky am I to live where I can meet and talk with such people in person! Capitol Choices is a DC-area based group that chooses 100 of the best children’s and young adult books of the year each year. We meet monthly to discuss the books. Participants are mostly librarians and other children’s book professionals. The discussion uses the same rules (mention strengths of the books first, then observations, then concerns) as ALSC committees.

It’s kind of wild to be around a roomful of like-minded people and get to talk about great books with people who know what they’re talking about and care as much as I do. Lovely!

144. Mom Hugs

One of my friends in my small group from church has the same first name as my Mom, Nancy. She’s also significantly taller than me, and a bit older than me (definitely not close to old enough to be my mother, though). She’s strong, being a former Marine.

My own Mom lives on the other side of the country and is in late-stage Alzheimer’s.

But when Nancy gives me one of her big, wonderful hugs, I feel mothered. Today I got a bunch of Mom Hugs from Nancy, and it did my spirit worlds of good.

141. A Network of Friends

That rare genetic eye disease I mentioned last time? It took me awhile, but I asked some friends to pray for me when it dawned on me that since I live alone, if I don’t tell people, they won’t know what I’m going through.

My pastor sent me an answer that was Spot On what I needed to hear. Here’s part of it:

“1) You are not alone.  I don’t simply mean that in the spiritual-platitude sense, although I do mean it like that as well.  But along with the fact that Jesus really is with you in this, you have built a healthy connection network.  There are many who would be willing to provide company and rides.  Of course, people are so busy you’d have to schedule it and you’d have to distribute it amongst several people – but you have those people, Sondy.  Count Diane and me among that number!”

That was good to hear. I know it’s true. But it was nice to be reminded. And nice to hear.

I have an independent streak. I like doing things for myself. But there are times when it’s good to ask for help. And I definitely have people who will come through for me.