48. Glowing Leaves

GlowingLeaves2 The day after I mentioned being thankful for Autumn was my day off.  It dawned on me that I hadn’t been home at sundown in weeks (because the sun goes down while I’m driving home from work, and I’d had weekend activities lately).  When I looked out my window in the late afternoon, I was stunned to see the sun spotlighting the line of red maple trees on the hill on the other side of my lake.  They were at their peak of colorfulness and looked stunning. I had to go out!


Instead of my usual walk on the path around the lake, I walked through the corridor of bright and shining leaves.

These pictures only begin to give the idea of the amazing display.  All of the pictures I took here had me exclaiming aloud when I first saw how beautiful it was.  It sounds silly to say I gasped at the beauty, but that’s the truth.  What a tremendous blessing that evening was.  It felt like my own private astonishing display.


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