40. My Pretty, Pretty Prius

I got my Prius serviced today — with over 202,000 miles on it.  Though they did recommend a coolant flush (every 100,000 miles), otherwise this time there were no expensive surprises.  They told me it’s in great shape.

I bought the car in 2008 with 126,000 miles on it, crossing my fingers that it would last the four years I was making payments on it.  Now I’d like to see it go as many miles for me as it did for its previous owner.

I love my Prius.  The mileage is fantastic.  (Lately it’s usually “only” been in the high 30s, but I drive in stop-and-go traffic on Highway 50, so that’s actually very good.)  And over the years I’ve had it there have been far fewer expensive surprises than the “cheap” car I owned before it.

And I’m a small person, and I like driving a small car.  A Prius starts with its electric motor, so it always gets a head start at a green light over the cars waiting for their engines to get going.  It also shuts off during a long stop and is lovely and quiet.  This does produce some behavior of trying to get at the front of a line for a red light and hating to be behind trucks.  I also get annoyed with people who inch ahead during a red light.  My engine is off, so I don’t want to move, thank you very much.

But mostly, driving this car makes me happy.  When I bought it, Consumer Reports rated this model high for reliability, and it has been wonderful for me.  May it travel ever onward.

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