54. Driving to Get My Son

When my son first started college three hours away in Williamsburg, at William & Mary, people told me to make him find out about bus service.  But I have to say how much I treasure my trips down there to pick him up and take him back.  What a treat!  I’m so glad I didn’t listen to them.

Traffic is usually bad for the Thanksgiving trip, but yesterday it only took a half-hour longer than usual to get there, and it was a glorious day, chilly but sunny and still with colorful trees shining in the sunshine by the roadside.

Once he gets his stuff from his dorm, we walk through the lovely campus to old Williamsburg.  We bought a sandwich at the Cheese Shop and I got some of that incredibly spicy ginger ale that I like so much.  There’s a ginger theme, because then I get Gin-Gin candy at Wythe’s Candy Shop.

And then we drove home.  Yesterday, we talked so much, I didn’t notice whether there was bad traffic or not!  It seemed like before I knew it, we were almost home!  (I even took a wrong turn when nearing home, because I was paying more attention to our conversation than to where I was going.)

It was so lovely to talk with him!

And now my boy is home!  I worked today, but have the whole rest of the weekend off.  I’ll take him back to school Sunday — and then three weeks later, he’ll completely finish his college career, and I’ll have one last trip down to pick him up.

It’s been a good three and a half years.

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