81. Feeling Healed

When I moved to Virginia, almost 10 years ago now, I was hurting.

My marriage had fallen apart.  My husband whom I loved was on the other side of the world and was being as rejecting toward me as he could possibly be.  I was desperately praying, hoping somehow to pray him back.

On Valentine’s Day this year, I was thinking about how church was my lifeline.  My heart was raw.  Almost every week, something would make me cry.  People were so helpful.  They’d hug me, pray with me, listen to me as I worked through things.

I felt so drained.  I felt like I had nothing to give and was always taking from others.  (Though many were nice enough to say that being transparent about my struggles was helpful.)

Five years ago, we were officially divorced.  I still tried to pray him back for awhile.

And then, somehow, God showed me that the Path of Trust was not to tell God what to do.

And God has been healing my heart.

And it dawned on me, on Valentine’s Day — I am happy!  Life is good!  God has blessed me abundantly!  Even my headaches (which I had since 4th grade) are almost completely gone!

Makes me want to look for opportunities to give, opportunities to love.

I am so thankful to feel healed.

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