83. Games!

Friday nights, I usually go to a group that plays Eurogames.  So much fun!

Last night I only played two — an old favorite, Dominion, and a new really interesting game called Evolution.  But week after week, I get to play a wide variety of games with people who are really good at it and enjoy it as much as I do.

After my youngest went off to college, it dawned on me that I’d always counted on family to have people to play games with.  And suddenly, there was no one at all in my home but me!

After some persuading, my co-worker got me going to a Saturday afternoon group, and eventually I was invited to the Friday night group.  I now have another group that often plays Dominion on Sundays, and usually play a game with that same co-worker during our dinner break on Thursdays — so I have lots of opportunities to play games in my life.

And normally, when I drive home at night after gaming, I can’t help but think how happy that makes me.  I don’t know what it is about me that so much likes playing games, but I definitely do.  And I get to have that in my life!  I am blessed.

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