13. Castles of Mad King Ludwig

NeuschwansteinOkay, I told myself when I restarted this blog that I will focus on being grateful for present blessings.  However, this evening I played the game “Castles of Mad King Ludwig” — and that reminded me of several things I love.

First, I love playing games.  And I love that I have people in my life who also love playing games and that we can get together now and then to do it.  (These are different people than the regular Friday Night Gaming Group I was already thankful for.)

And it’s fun to win every now and then.  And that particular game is fun even if you don’t win, because you get to build a “castle.”  Which is a silly thing to be happy about, but it makes me happy.

And of course that also reminded me how much I love castles, and how blessed I am that I got to visit 167 of them while I lived in Germany, including some Castles of Mad King Ludwig.

It all just made me happy.  I have had and continue to have a wonderful life, with plenty of rather silly blessings.  Life is good.


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