1. A New Sonderblessings Blog

So, my Sonderblessings Blog started having a consistent error message suddenly, without warning.  Yahoo customer service was *not* helpful and said all I could do was take it down and start over.  So all my list of blessings was lost.

However, it could have been worse?  It could have been my main website or blog of book reviews.  Sonderblessings is a personal blog simply to remind myself to be grateful and count my blessings.

So the first blessing on my new list is that it wasn’t worse.

And it looks like I was able to keep my theme.  Though I do need to adjust the links on the side.

But gratitude is about the present, anyway, right?

So I’ll start with a thought from Cristel Nani:  A good way to live in the present is to be grateful.

When you’re grateful, you’re not worrying about the future or regretting or missing the past.  Gratitude is firmly rooted in the present.

So I’m thankful this moment that I can simply start being grateful again.

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