157. On the Newbery Ballot!

I’m on the ballot to be on the 2019 Newbery Committee!

And you know what? However it turns out, that’s a very cool thing!

I was on the ballot three years ago, and missed the cut-off by 15 votes. But I’m glad now that I’ve tried again.

I was thinking of things in my life that I didn’t get the first time I tried. It took me three tries to get accepted to the William Morris Book Evaluation Seminar in 2012. It took me three tries to get to be a Cybils judge. And I applied for a job I didn’t get before I got chosen to work for Fairfax County Public Library.

I really hope it won’t take me three tries to get on the Newbery committee. I hope it will only take two tries.

But I’m happy about the possibility. And I’m happy that I tried for it again.

And honestly? This is a better time in my life. Being on the Newbery Committee, when you really need to spend every spare minute reading — for a year — would make having an Empty Nest an asset rather than something to be sad about. (Though I for one won’t mind if Murphy’s Law kicks in and I meet someone first. But if I don’t, my life will be easier.)

And did I mention I’m happy for the possibility? It just cheers me up if I start feeling down… for any reason at all.

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